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Related article: Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 06:05:28 -0700 (PDT) From: Jon D Subject: After the Kiss - 3Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and as such is a product of my imagination, not real life. It will include descriptions of sexual situations between young friends, but no real boy's were involved.If material of this kind offends you or you are not age eighteen or older, then please stop reading Nifty and find some other site. All others enjoy! You are welcome to send comments or story ideas to After the KissChapter 3Embarrassed didn't even come close to what Hunter was feeling as he doubled over for the third time. His stomach went into another spasm and what he hoped was the last of his breakfast spewed onto the sidewalk. Luckily Hunter had managed to turn his head away; otherwise Devon would have been covered in the stuff.A couple of girls had squealed and jumped back with the first gush, while many of the boys looked on in disgust. There was also some laughter. Hunter coughed, made a face at the foul taste, and spit out the last dregs. He finally looked up.Devon slid his backpack off his shoulder and knelt down next to Hunter. He opened it and dug inside. "Here," he said softly, and offered Hunter a towel."Thanks," Hunter's voice was tentative. After wiping his mouth he went to work on the front of his shirt."Want some water?" Devon pulled out a clear plastic bottle, twisted the cap, and handed it over.Hunter rinsed his mouth, spit, and then took a sip.A boy at the front of the line pounded on the steel shutters covering the pool entrance and hollered, "Hey! Pedo Preteens Open up! We got a sick kid out here." Half a minute later he did it again.The garage-like door finally started to roll up."What's with all the noise?" A high school girl in a red swimsuit asked as she ducked out from under the rising door."A kid back there puked!" the loud mouth twelve-year-old motioned toward Hunter.Jordan had introduced Hunter to most of the guards, so he knew the girl's name."Hey, Ana," Hunter croaked. He was bent over with his hands on his knees. He wasn't sure if things were over or if there was more to come."How you doing?" Ana asked softly and rubbed Hunter's back. She gave him a reassuring look."Okay." Hunter's usual shyness combined with the embarrassment of being sick made him wish he could just disappear."How about we get you inside? There's a cot in the first aid room, and I'll have Jeff check you out."Jeff was a second year medical student and had had first aid training.Hunter slowly stood up and used Devon's towel to wipe his forehead. He glanced down at the nasty mess he'd made, and that almost got him started again.Ana put an arm around his waist. "Come on," she said, and gave him a little squeeze.Hunter rested his head against her.There were a few comments as they walked past the line of kids, but Hunter ignored them. The bully, who a few minutes earlier had pushed a little kid out of the line, apparently saw a chance to get more laughs."Some guys will do anything to get close to a pair of tits," he joked.Hunter quickly moved his head away from Ana and blushed. Hunter felt bad enough; he didn't need any more crap.Ana gave the guy a stern look. "I don't that kind of talk, especially if it's about me!" she warned. "If it happens again I'll suspend you and you won't be allowed in for two weeks."The bully made a face and mocked, "Oh, I'm so scared!"His posse of little suck ups laughed.* * * *Jordan sat down on Hunter's cot and smiled. "So what's this I hear about you making a mess outside?" he gently teased.Hunter looked up in embarrassment."Jeff said you're fine, nothing to worry about. You doing okay?"Hunter nodded."You can stay in here for a while if you want, just to make sure."Hunter nodded again.The boy's stared at one another for a moment. Jordan reached over and rearranged the cool washcloth on Hunter's forehead. Ana had thought it might help."Want me to call Mom?"Hunter shook his head. "Nah, she's at the fundraiser.""Yeah, the one for my hockey team," Jordan chuckled and then stood up. "Are you going to be okay if I get back to work?""Yeah," Hunter sighed. "Thanks."Jordon took a couple of steps and then turned back around. "Oh, Devon said you can keep the towel," he joked.Hearing Devon's name made Hunter's stomach roll over."You're sure you're okay?"Yeah, fine, get back to work," Hunter gave his brother an uneasy smile.Jordan hesitated, but then left the room.* * * *An hour later, Hunter felt much better. He'd eaten a couple of granola bars, drank some water, and had washed his face. He'd also been given a clean T-Shirt, thanks to one of Jordan's buddies. Jordan had checked on him a couple times and that had also made him feel good."Class starts in twenty minutes," Jordan said with a raised eyebrow.Hunter guessed it was Jordan's way of asking if he would be up to swimming.Hunter didn't answer right away. But, then decided he couldn't avoid Devon forever. "Might as well," he whispered, got off the cot, and headed for the locker room.* * * *Hunter walked toward the area that Jordan was using for his class. There were eleven kids twelve if Hunter counted himself. Jordan was standing by the edge of the pool; the class was lined up in chest high water listening to his instructions.Hunter quietly slipped in at the shallow end, not wanting to be seen. He slowly walked toward the class, their backs to him as they watched Jordan.Hunter got to within a couple of feet before one of the kids turned and saw him. "Hey, here comes barf boy!" the kid joked.The other kids turned around, and again Hunter was embarrassed."That's enough of that," Jordan said softly but sternly. The kids turned back to face him.Hunter had considered getting back out but then Devon playfully swam over in a dog paddle.A tiny grin came to Hunter's face."Don't worry, when I want to, I can swim way better than this." Devon laughed with a smile.Hunter wasn't sure what to say."I don't have a partner. Jordan says we need one for the backstroke. You wanna team up with me?"Hunter relaxed a bit. "Yeah, okay," he said softly, "but I'm not very good."Devon stood up, turned around, and walked toward the other kids. "Who cares? Let's get going."Hunter hesitated.Devon looked back and made a "come on," motion with his hand and gave Hunter another grin.Hunter smiled and hurried to catch up.* * * *As if Hunter hadn't already had a bad enough day, a little later it got even worse."Relax," Devon encouraged as Hunter tried to float on his back, the first step in learning the back stroke.Hunter blamed the small layer of baby fat around his middle for not being able to get the hang of it."Here, try it again," Devon urged and stepped closer. He put his arms under Hunter and supported him as he flailed a little trying to get his balance.Hunter finally managed to float. Holding steady, he gave Pedo Preteens Devon a quick look. The kid didn't seem the least bit uneasy, Hunter was a little less so. He found himself just inches away from a fantastically cute boy with a wonderful smile, perfect skin, and the start of an awesome body. He had completely taken his mind off floating, and started to sink. Just before his nose went under, Devon caught him and lifted him up."Maybe you shouldn't relax quite that much," Devon giggled.The boys took turns trying out each new move as Jordan explained them. Slowly Hunter grew more comfortable.Later, it was once again Hunter's turn to float on his back. Devon steadied him as he had for most of the morning.Hunter glanced up a couple of times and saw a smirk on Devon's face. Then Devon let out another giggle."Hey, it's hard. I'm trying," Hunter apologized; he thought Devon was laughing at his swimming."Yeah, I can see that!" Devon nodded in the direction of Hunter's feet.Hunter looked that way, and saw a bulge had formed in the front of his swimsuit. It was really tented out. "Oh, crap," he groaned and quickly rolled out of Devon's arms and into the water. Then he crouched down so that everything but his nose and ears were covered.Devon was trying to stifle a laugh.Hunter felt his face grow warm and he knew he must be blushing."Hey, don't worry about it," Devon finally said playfully. "I get `em all the time. If anybody asks, just say you were pretending to be Pedo Preteens a periscope depth." Devon's eyes twinkled and then he laughed.Hunter was about to rush out of the pool when Devon's joke about his penis being a periscope broke him up. He looked at Devon and couldn't hold back his own laugh."Hey you two!" Jordan said in a stern tone, "If it's not too much trouble, how about getting back to the lesson?"Hunter gave his brother a quick smile and could tell Jordan now knew things were much better.* * * *"You going to shower? Hunter asked as he and Devon hurried into the locker room at the end of class."Yeah," Devon shrugged, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to wash some of the chlorine off." Devon opened his locker, grabbed a bar of soap, and slammed the door shut. "See ya in there."Hunter grabbed his own soap and some shampoo.Devon was under the shower head near the back of the room. He still wore his swimsuit. The boy was busily soaping his underarms, chest, and then rubbing the bar over the fabric of his board-length shorts.Hunter liked what he saw. The soap running down Devon's slim body seemed sexy in a weird kind of way. He probably didn't weigh much more than one-hundred-ten pounds and was about average height for a thirteen-year-old. Hunter saw that there was just a faint wisp of hair under his arms.Turning away, Hunter promised himself he wouldn't get caught peeking again. He started cleaning up in much the same way that Devon had. "It's weird pool kids shower in their swimsuits," he thought, but he supposed they didn't want other guys to see their stuff.A few minutes later Devon walked past on his way out the door. Hunter hurried to finish."Crap," Devon said softly as Hunter got back to his locker.Hunter shot him a look."I forgot, I don't have a towel. I let you use mine this morning."Hunter took a look around; most of the kids were already headed out. "Well, you can share mine if you want?"Devon gave Hunter a "why the hell not," kind of look and walked over. Without a pause he undid the knot at his waist, pulled the string wider, and pushed his suit to the floor.Hunter hadn't expected that and didn't know what to do. "Uh, here," he finally mumbled and handed over his towel."Thanks," Devon offered and started to get dry.Now just a foot away, Devon's body looked even more amazing to Hunter. He didn't want to, but he couldn't help but take another peek.Devon looked up. "Aren't you gonna?" and nodded toward Hunter's pants."Uh, yeah," Hunter mumbled and started to undo the button at the top of his suit.Devon didn't seem the least bit nervous about being nude. Hunter on the other hand was. He gave Devon a worried look before bashfully pushing his suit down over his rear end. He paused before dropping it further.As Hunter finally pushed the wet fabric down past his knees he knew Devon must be able to see everything now. He was tempted to turn around, but then had the urge to be a little naughty and let Devon have a Pedo Preteens longer look. So, he took his time before stepping out of his suit. Then he bent over to pick it up. His face was now only a foot from Devon's crotch. Hunter felt his dick jerk.Hunter decided that now would be a good time turn to the side, hoping to hide what was happening."Yours doesn't look like mine," Hunter said in an almost disinterested way as he toweled himself further."Huh?""Your dick, it's different than mine."Hunter looked down; he knew it was stupid to look at something he'd had since he was born, but he couldn't help it. Then he gave Devon's a quick look."Yeah, I guess it is. My brother has one like yours," Hunter shrugged. "He said when he was a baby they did something to it.""I didn't know they did things to a guy's stuff?""Yeah, I mean, but they didn't do it to me."Devon took another look at Hunter's crotch. "You're getting hard again," he chuckled."Um, you finished with the towel?" Hunter quickly asked, hoping to change the subject.Devon grinned playfully and handed it over. Then he walked back to his locker.* * * *"Here, you can use one of the pool towels," Jordan announced walking into the locker room."Too late, I already used Hunter's," Devon smirked."Oh, okay. I just thought you might need one.""Thanks."Jordan walked over to Hunter. "Still want that ride home?"Hunter shrugged, "I guess I could stay until you're done."Devon looked confused."Okay, but you better call Mom and tell her!"Hunter agreed and Jordan walked away."Mom?" Devon asked in surprise.Now it was Hunter who was puzzled. "Yeah.""Who's mom?""Both of ours, he's my brother.""Jordan is your brother?" Devon's eyes were wide."I thought you knew," Hunter said with surprise.Devon shook his head and then laughed."What's so funny?" Hunter asked as he pulled up his underwear."That you told me his is different than yours," Devon giggled."Did you just say you were thinking about my brother's dick?" Hunter chuckled.Devon slammed his locker shut. "Maybe," he teased.* * * *"Hey! Wait up," Hunter called as Pedo Preteens he hurried after Devon.Devon was already part way down the sidewalk heading toward the park."Where're you going?" Hunter asked."To look at the monkeys and eat lunch.""Can I come, too?""I guess," Devon shrugged.The boys walked side-by-side and talked about the things that boys usually talk about: sports, school, things they want to do some day. But, they didn't talk about girls.* * * *It was dark behind the shed at the back of the Thompson property. Hunter gave Devon a mischievous look. "So, you really want to do this?" he asked."Hell, ya, I never touched one. Yours looks awesome!""I get to touch yours, too, right?"Devon nodded."Okay, let's get `em out." Devon popped the button on his jeans, pulled down the zipper, and pushed them lower.Hunter did the same. "How about both at the same time?" he giggled.Counting, "one, two, three," both boys pushed their underpants down and two teen dicks flopped out.They each stared for a few seconds."Can I feel it now?" Devon whispered with a hopeful look."Yeah, just be careful. You have to pull the skin back slow or it hurts."Devon reached out his right hand and softly touched the head of Hunter's dick. "Like this?" he asked, as he gently wrapped his hand around it and pushed the foreskin back toward Hunter's crotch. Then he gave it a soft squeeze."Yeah, that feels great.""Feel mine," Devon urged as he started a slow push and pull motion.Hunter wrapped his fingers around Devon's cock and slowly felt it up; every inch of it. Seconds later it was fully hard. Then he started to stroke. It felt way bigger than he remembered it from the locker room. "Even bigger than Jordan's," he thought as the thing swelled a bit more."Wow, I never thought I'd feel another guy's thing," Devon whispered and smiled."Especially a hard one," Hunter chuckled.They stroked each other for maybe a couple of minutes. Then both stopped.Devon looked up questioningly. Hunter looked back. The boy's hands were still wrapped around the other's penis, neither seemed particularly interested in letting go."Um, I was just thinking. You want to go all the way?" Devon asked softly, Hunter could barely hear the words.Hunter bit his lower lip, he wasn't too sure, but then nodded `yes.'Both Devon and Hunter closed their eyes and resumed stroking. There were a few soft grunting noises and the occasional "oh shit" as each boy experienced the pleasures of someone else's hand on their dick for the first time.The night air was cool, but nice after the hot sun. A few crickets could be heard, along with an occasional car driving down the street. The bushes hid them well.Hunter felt the urge building. It hadn't been that long, but in the short time that Devon's hand had been on his dick, he decided that it felt "fucking awesome!""Ugh, I'm getting close..." Hunter grunted a minute or so later."Me, too," Devon whined.After a few faster and more urgent jerks, and a couple of groans, cum started flying."Fuck, oh fuck," Hunter sighed as Devon tugged squirt after squirt of jizz out of him."Oh god," Devon groaned softly and pushed his dick up against Hunter's crotch. He then shot four long strings of boy cream through Hunter's fingers. There was no doubt he was making a huge mess.A couple more grinds, a final stroke or two, and then they were both done."Ugh, ugh," the boys grunted as they tried to catch their breath. Their breathing was ragged as they drew in big gulps of air. Hunter's eyes were still closed and he guessed Devon's were too.Finally, they both settled down. Hunter opened his eyes.Devon's hand had stopped but he hadn't let go of Hunter. "Did you like that?" he asked with a playful grin."What do you think?" Hunter chuckled."I'd say, hell ya!" Devon laughed."And you?""Very cool," Devon grinned.* * * *A cat screeched, a trash can fell over, and Hunter came wide awake. He sat up and looked around his room, realizing he was still in bed. He felt something wet and messy in his sleep pants."It was a dream!" he flopped back down and stared at the ceiling. He reached under the waistband of his sleepers and felt his cum. He was a fucking mess down there, but he didn't mind. He wrapped his hand around the now soft lump between his legs and played with himself."I wonder if he'd do it?" Hunter thought, as a smile slowly crept over his face.* * * *"You're up early!" Jordan reached for the orange juice as Hunter sat down next to him."I guess." Hunter felt tired but eager to face the day. He felt a lot better than the day before. He took a piece of toast off the plate and reached for the grape jam."So what's the plan? Jordan looked toward his mom."I'm free today. I can pick Hunter up at noon." Their mom was at the sink hand-washing a fry pan.Hunter swallowed a bite of toast. "You don't have to, I mean, I wouldn't mind staying.""That's a switch." Jordan chuckled.Hunter shrugged, not wanting to tell his mom and brother what or who had brought about the change of attitude."What about lunch?" His mom looked over her shoulder."Could you, like, make a sandwich and put it in a paper bag?""Sure, I guess so.""With chips, cookies, and a soda?" Hunter added.Mrs. Thompson smiled. "You and your soda!""What are you gonna do when the pool closes at noon?" Jordan asked."Might go to the park, watch the monkeys," Hunter said softly and looked away. He wondered what Devon had planned. * * * *Thanks for reading. Send comments or plot Pedo Preteens ideas to Special thanks to Jon B. and Andrew for ideas for this chapter, oh and also Danny. Thanks, Jon
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